Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details how we collect, share, use and protect information.

When we request personal data from users, we do so in order to fulfill the obligations under the law, or because it is relevant to a specified purpose. Any information which we do not require, but is provided to us by you anyway, is done so on a voluntary basis.

You should periodically review this Privacy Policy in order to keep yourself up to date with any amendments. There may be links within this website to third party sites which are not controlled or operated by us, and we make no warranties or representations about any Third Party website or content thereon.

Information Collection

Upon utilising our services, you will provide us with personal information and contact details; such as your name, address, email address, phone number etc.

Transaction Information

  1. We collect and store transactional information about all users. We monitor this data for suspicious activities in order to prevent fraud and resolve legal processes.

  2. We collect personal information when it is provided by you via a number of channels including email, through our website, conversations without support team via internet or telephone, interactions via social media, or any other dialogue between you and us. As an example, we may require information from you in order to provide services to you, or to resolve queries or enquiries you make of us.

Collection and Use of Information Collected Automatically

  1. We automatically collect and store some data about you when you use our services. Such information may not personally identify you, but may contain data regarding the device you use to access our services such as the device ID, operating software, web browser software and hardware model, as well as your MAC device identifier or Internet Protocol (IP) address.

  2. Our website stores cookies on your device in order to optimize your experience. They allow us to enhance your security by logging your session ID, and monitoring you as an individual user. This collective information does not identify you personally, and assists with our own analysis of how our website is used.

Why Do We Collect This Information

To provide and maintain our services

  1. We use the collected data to verify the identity of users, and deliver services to them.

  2. We use the information stored on your device as cookies in order to authenticate your device and identity, and provide services to you. Because of our legal obligations and software requirements, we cannot provide our services to you without the ability to identify you in this manner.

To protect our users

  1. We use the data we store to protect the interests of our users, their accounts, our platform and our archives.

  2. We use cookie and IP data to guard our platform against automated cyber attacks such as phishing, DDoS and spam attacks. We utilize various apps and third party websites such as Active Campaign, Google Analytics, Google Forms, GSuite, PayPal, and more, and the user understands that these websites collect information only to perform their relevant actions; we do not sell information to these parties.

  3. We analyze all trading activities in order to identify suspicious transactions or behaviors at the earliest opportunity, thus reducing the risk of loss and fraud because of the actions of bad actors.

To comply with legal and regulatory requirements

Our approach to regulatory requirements and government requests is informed by our respect for the security and privacy of the data you provide to us. We do not provide or disclose any information which personally identifies you to any third party unless such a request has been reviewed and approved by our legal team, or approved by you.

To measure site performance

  1. We constantly review and analyze data to better understand how our platforms and services are used. Review operations are conducted by our operations team continually, and the information is used to improve the performance of our platform, and optimize your experience as a user.

  2. Our systems activity is constantly monitored in order to identify and resolve technical problems expediently.

To communicate with you

We use your personal contact information, for example your email address, to interact with you while providing customer support, or to update you on security matters involving transactions. If we were unable to process your personal data in this manner, we would be unable to respond to support requests. All direct communications between you and us are confidential, and reviewed for accuracy internally.

Direct Marketing

  1. If you are a current user of our service, we will contact you only by electronic means (SMS or email) with regard to services related to or similar to those which you’ve previously expressed an interest in.

  2. If you are a new user, we will contact you only by electronic means (SMS or email) for marketing purposes only if you have expressly consented to receiving marketing communications. This includes all communication to you regarding advertisement or promotion of any product or service offered by the carriers. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us, you may at any time use the opt-out link at the bottom of any such communication. This service is provided free of charge.

How Do We Protect User Data?

  1. We make every reasonable effort to ensure the privacy, integrity and security of all personal data transmitted to us, and we constantly review and update our security protocols to take into account technological advances.

  2. No data transmitted across the internet can ever be guaranteed as 100% secure. However we take every reasonable precaution to ensure the security of our systems, and the personal data you send to us via our online platforms.

  3. All of our employees and contractors who provide services on our behalf, or relating to our information systems, are required to respect data confidentiality protocols related to any information held by us.

  4. No person or entity can guarantee 100% security of any data transmitted via the internet, nor any internet based storage method. Because of this, we advise that you take steps personally to protect your own information, and information stored on your devices.